Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New York, New York, It's a Wonderful Town!

Today I woke up to see a tiny flurry of SNOW! My little southern self was so excited that I had to find a new desktop background for my computer to reflect the winter weather!
Kindred, from Creature Comforts and Decor8 offers darling artist designed backgrounds to download. I picked this polar bear and made my self a cup of cocoa.

I have finally unpacked all my things since arriving on Saturday, and I have also begun to explore the neighborhood on my own (without boys). There is a super yummy tart shop, called Once Upon a Tart, up the street (I highly recommend chocolate and pear) with the most adorable business card. I love things I can play with and this one comes flat, but you pop it out and fold it to recreate the store front!

My apologies for the dismal photo quality. A new camera is on the list for Christmas.

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