Sunday, May 31, 2009

i <3 ny

image from hsteckba on flickr

I really miss new york. I miss the sense that everything is possible, the energy and the vastness of possibilities. I miss discovering unusual foods (like orange blossom water) and watching street vendors making jewelry. I miss sample sales and window shopping and watching girls taking knitting classes at purl soho next door. I miss dashing out in the snow to get organic coffee or chocolate pear tarts. I miss wash and fold laundry. How can I feel homesick for a city I swore I would hate forever? I think that is part of the magic of the New York. It wins you over and pulls you in slowly, its charms lie in the space between crowded subway cars and thimble sized apartments. They're in the hidden treasures that take a bit of extra effort to find, the amazing vintage boutique, the street singers with huge talent, the perfect pizza and charming restauranteur, the small acts of kindness that are so much more valued because they are so unexpected.

DC is great, and I really like it, it's beautiful and green and historic, and it has loads of culture and interesting people, but it is so much more serious and restrained and it just feels different. But, I'm new here and I haven't learned any of the city's secrets yet, over time I will gradually find more and more gems and learn to love this place too, but I will keep reading the blogs of darling city girls and I will always ♥ NY.


"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

sigh. i need to be reminded of these things. living in this city can feel like living in a vacuum or a assembly line.

i know i will miss these things the moment i move away...whenever that day may be...

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

i miss ny too!