Tuesday, April 21, 2009

work is ... work!

via frolic

The good news is, I really like my new job and my new city, the bad news is, a new job and a new city is a lot of work! My sweet aunt and uncle are letting me stay with them until I find an apartment, and they live on a gorgeous Northern VA horse farm, but the commute to the city is awful and I am so not a morning person! Tomorrow marks my 2 week anniversary though, and it's time I get back to fun things, like blogging! and that brings me to this image, which is definitely motivation to find a little home to decorate!

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Happy Dash said...

Woohoo! Love this bed ... the fam I will nanny this summer (and babysitting in the mornings right now) has the most wonderful house I've ever been in ... not outrageous, and everything I've ever wanted: seafoam green, robin's egg blue, tans, whites ... heaven.

Miss you!