Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i believe in fairies

From Red Shoes Home Goods via Bliss

"simply just glue or tape to a wall and let the fairy's move in! comes with a little bike and some fairy dust that you park and sprinkle"

How cute is this fairy door? When I was little I used to search for fairies and even hid little notes under rocks and in trees (I read a lot and was a highly imaginative child). Once I found a little cluster of mercury in the bathroom from a broken thermometer and rushed to show my Mom and sister the "fairy dust" I had found (it is so amazing the way it breaks apart and then reforms in perfect spheres) My mom was understandably horrified that I was playing with mercury, but I was just sad that it wasn't magical.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my grandfather was a chemist with this neat little make shift lab he had in the attic of my mom's childhood house. You had to go through a closet in the guest room to get to it. Anyhow, my mom remembers playing with mercury when she was little in the 1950's. Very fairyland meets Better Living Through Chemistry!